Work as a full time cordless strimmer operative
Work as a full time cordless strimmer operative

Are you an avid gardener with a passion for cordless trimming and landscaping. We’re looking for highly motivated cordless strimmer operatives that are willing to travel and work in the areas in and around local counties. The main qualifications for the job is the ability to use cordless strimmers with extreme accuracy and as quickly as possible. We have extremely important clients and we tried to take care of them as best as possible and ensure that they get the very best services. This happens through high quality workmanship and hence we are now looking for new cordless strimmer operatives.

Garden skills and cordless strimmer tasks

Some of the main task to your carry out in volt cordless trimming around built-up areas in extremely overcrowded Gardens. This is because we often take on clients that have neglected their gardens for a serious period of time and our aim is to bring them back up to a scratch as quickly and efficiently as possible. Which is the reason we try to ensure that all of our customers receive the very best services. The reason that we gave the higher mark is because we believe it more affluent customers are better for our business in general.

Garden strimmer
Garden strimmer

Your main responsibilities will be insuring the gardening landscaping is carried out to a high standard and that you take full responsibility for any strimming activities that occur in any of the Gardens of our customers. We specifically train our employees to manage one key function of the garden so that the result of specialisation is that we provide our customers with a far higher standard of workmanship.

You’ll need your own cordless strimmer and equipment for this job.

Due to the nature and specialisation of this job anyone who wishes to apply must have the full cordless strimmer equipment set and any health and safety equipment that you would typically use along with your cordless trimmer. The reason we expect our employees to have this set of equipment is they should already have a keen interest of this area and if you’re not in possession of the equipment it’s unlikely that you’re going to be a direct fit for this project.


One important aspect of this job as a cordless trimmer operative is to ensure that you really are interested in what you’re doing and willing to commit and offer 100% to the role. As a result we can only accept candidates that do possess the full equipment. We’re sorry if that an inconvenience to you

Your key responsibilities as a cordless strimmer operative.

One of the main functions of your job is to ensure that you are highly skilled using a cordless trimmer and can operate around the edge of flower beds as well as in intricate and difficult place reached You should have a full understanding of how the equipment works and be fully familiar with almost all different types of strimmers available on the market. It’s quite possible even though that we spoke to operate and use your own equipment that we may well if you are as well because there’s a possibility that you will require further specialist equipment for the task in hand. If that’s the case with more than willing to lend you are garden equipment as it’s important that the customers receive the absolute best possible service that they can.

Garden strimmer, weed trimmer, brushcutter
Garden strimmer, weed trimmer, brushcutter

If you think of this world as a full-time cordless Dromore operative is for you then please do not hesitate contact us and we’ll be more than grateful and reasonable and help you in progressing your career in the gardening and landscape industry. If you feel like this jobs for you them please get in touch.

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